segunda-feira, junho 27, 2005

Por quê?

Muitos não entendem por que eu prefiro os computadores da Apple (Macintosh) em relação aos que usam o sistema operacional do seu Bill Gates.

Com a palavra, o dicionário...

1. mac

A very easy to use computer. It doesn't crash all the fucking time like P.C.'s do. It is alot easier to work with and gets better results and is MUCH faster than a pc. You can't play many games on it, but its best for its internet capabilities.

"I'm a retard. I use a P.C. It crashes all the time and I think I'll have to buy a new computer because this one sucks so much. Maybe this time I'll be smart and take a mac."

2. Mac user

a) Person who uses an Apple Macintosh computer (called macs for short). Typically characterized as being significantly far less suicidal / homicidal and in a significantly more pleasant and satisfied state of mind than a windoze user because his box doesn't crash every four minutes and because macs happen to be immune to virsuses and actually, you know, work.

mac user: “my mac rocks.”
windows user: “goodbye cruel world” (*inserts shotgun into mouth while still double-clicking into another bluescreen of death.*)

b) someone who can't be normal and use PCs like the rest of us.

"Stupid Mac User, their computer crashed again!"

c) Someone who is not compatible with the rest of society or other computers.

d) Mac users are the people in the office who dont are always ringing up tech support on connectivity

3. Mac OS X

The greatest operating system out there, but only for cool people with Apple's computers like the very cool new iMac or the powerbook G4.Some people think that Macs can't do anything crappy peecees can do, but the truth is that it can do things peecees can do 100% better, plus more. Those people are total dickwads.

4. Macintosh
a) The computer you purchase when you are serious about your work.

“My Windows computer wouldn't crash so much if it was a Macintosh!”

b) 1. The hottest computer system in the world.
2. A type of apple.

“Macs are too cool for examples.”


5 comentários:

ana disse...

rsrsrsrs nice...:P

Gean Oliveira disse...

Hummm, agora entendi o pq de nao ter aparecido os comentarios.

O bloglines so me da o link do post. Se eu quiser comentar, tenho que ir a tua pagina principal e a partir dela eh q eu encontro o link para comentario :)

E.... Mac eh tudo de bom, inclusive o preco!


Mauricio V. Almeida disse...

Oi Marcelo.
Eu morro de vontade de ter um IMac mas eu sofri a lavagem cerebral de que vc não encontra softwares e jogos e programas para MAC... Um dia eu crio coragem.

Luly :) disse...

Eu quero um MAC!!!!
Mas aqui no Brasil o preço é abusivo... :ó(


Luly :)

Anônimo disse...


mAC é bom, agora o preço é alto, e no Brasil não tem software disponivel.